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About The LifeTip Project


LifeTip is ideal for anyone who likes to look after themselves or wants to improve their lifestyle. The numerous functions performed by the device accompany and support you in your daily routine. Children, Adults and the Aged can benefit from LifeTip without even realizing it.

However you choose to wear LifeTip, you can be sure its continuously monitoring your well-being.

LifeTip is the special one in wearable devices

  • The only one positioned in the center of the chest

  • The very first integrating state-of-the-art no-contact capacitive electrodes in a personal device

  • Uniquely designed for women and men

  • The first one to have authentic ECG monitoring capabilities

Press coverage


Some featured news and press coverage about the LifeTip Project

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“LifeTip is not an ordinary wearable device, it is something that you can choose to show, light-up in the center of your chest, or hide under your t-shirt”

LifeTip Functions



The device tracks the electrocardiogram of your heart without touching your skin and giving you an immediate feedback for your sensations


Body Temp.

LifeTip, thanks to its sensors, can monitor your body temperature and your basal temperature



In case of blackout, cardiac arrest or car crash, LifeTip can call for aid immediately. And you can manually ask for help in case of stalking


Body posture

Thanks to its sensors and the position in the center of the chest, LifeTip can monitor your body posture and symmetry of walk



Based on your activity and how much you move, LifeTip can calculate your consumption


Phone proximity

The device can check the proximity of your smartphone, warning you when you forget or lose it


Emotional state

LifeTip can deduce your emotional state using heart rate, breathe rate and the other sensors


Action button

You can program smartphone actions when you press the LifeTip central button

Real life stories

  • Mike at the age of 36 visited the ER after a suffering another serious panic attack. With his blood pressure at 210/110 and heart rate close to 190.

    He was quickly treated for atrial fibrillation and his heart was reset using a defibrillator. He had absolutely no idea, he'd often felt a light discomfort in the chest area, but put down to stress, and a number of check-ups showed no signs of any underlying issues.

    "If I had had the opportunity to wear a LifeTip device the AF would have been picked-up and I could have seeked medical advice and avoided a very unnerving trip to the hospital"

    Mike, 36
  • Edward 45 has participated in many cycling events from a young age.  Suddenly he begin experiencing onsets of palpitations which forced him to cease all activities. An electrocardiogram showed atrial fibrillation. Then he decided to seek treatment and eliminate the root of the arrhythmias with ablation.

    Now, Edward has been able to return to cycling and participates in races of many tens of kilometers without any disturbance what so ever.

    "If I had a LifeTip device the arrhythmias would have been perceived by the ECG function and message sent directly to my doctor"

    Edward, 45
  • Henry at just 24 years old had already won a number of cross country races. However, suddenly during one of his races he started to complain of palpitations in the chest area and fainted, falling to the ground. He subsequently underwent an electrophysiological study, which confirmed the presence of a conduction pathway. Through minor surgery the circuit has now been deleted and Henry resumes his promising athletic activities.

    "Using LifeTip whilst training or during my normal daily activities would have detected an abnormal heart beat earlier because of the ECG functionality"

    Henry, 24

Here are some real life stories of patients whom we asked to comment on LifeTip. The names are fictitious to protect their privacy.

When every minutes count

Cardiac arrest, is the abrupt loss of heart function in a person who may or may not have been diagnosed with heart disease. Each year, nearly 360,000 emergency medical services-assessed out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur in the US alone. Cardiac arrest is caused by abnormal, or irregular, heart rhythms (called arrhythmias). Death occurs within minutes after the heart stops.

“Cardiac arrest strikes immediately and without warning”

Sudden cardiac arrest may be caused by almost any known heart condition.

“Cardiac arrest is reversible in most victims if treated within a few minutes if CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is performed and a defibrillator is used to shock the heart and restore a normal heart rhythm”

Unfortunately victims of cardiac arrest fall unconscious and their chances of survival rely on quick reacting bystanders and their ability to rapidly recognize the problem and to instantly call for emergency medical services.

Our device, tracks and analyzing your electrical heart activity (ECG), is able to promptly recognize deadly arrhythmias with an immediate call for emergency medical services while you are unconscious. Moreover it can prompt and guide people who are near you to start Cardiopulmonary resuscitation with appropriate messages.

Furthermore, our device has the ability to analyze your ECG giving you the opportunity to seek medical advice in the case of atrial fibrillation (AF).

“AF is the most common cause of ischemic stroke. Indeed most of people with atrial fibrillation are unaware of it and if left untreated can pose a great risk of stroke”

Our device is able to recognize this arrhythmia and prompt you to seek medical attention and dramatically lower your risk of stroke.

LifeTip Versions and Colors

LifeTip comes in two versions for both men & women with or without the ECG function.

Gender, in terms of trend and style, can be a watershed. For this reason we prototyped two main versions: women and men.

The women’s version was designed to be smaller, extremely handy, stylish and perfectly complementary to your bra. The simple and secure magnetic clip ensures you to feel the device as part of the same bra.

On the other hand, the men’s version has been specifically designed to be shown, hooked on a T-shirt, it is a little bigger than the women’s version and available in 3 different colors.

LifeTip App


A wearable device is nothing without an app. The LifeTip App is the bridge between your smartphone and your device. The App is running in background to receive commands and compute the data your body is generating.

At any given moment you can start the LifeTip App and display your information, search for a particular time in your daily life, display your ECG and, if you want, email your doctor the ECG.

The LifeTip App lets you configure the button events: what to do when a single press is recognized, what to do for a double or a triple press. Also the app let’s you configure the behavior in case of a fall, crash or a severe heart problem.

Running in the background, the app is able to elaborate the signals coming from the LifeTip Device and taking the appropriate decisions in fraction of a second.

LifeTip App can be integrated in a complete cloud infrastructure, letting you store and analyze your data. With the cloud infrastructure the device potentially grows adding additional feature like:

  • Social Network integration

  • Illimitate data recording and storage

  • Vital signs comparison

  • IFTTT recipes

  • Mapping analysis


The LifeTip Team

Patrizia Danese

Business Development

Visionary thinker with socioeconomic background, specializing in media. Startupper for passion. Key strengths include: organize local and international events and collaborate with TV and film festivals. Love everything that revolves around health, cinema, environment, travel, music and reading. As the Business Developer at LifeTip she wants to transform this project into reality and improve people's lives.

Miguel Carrasco

Business Development

Miguel is part of the LifeTip business development team. He's a high‐performing, strategic‐thinking professional with more than 12 years' experience in the corporate communications industry and has personally advised companies such as Nokia, Tieto Corporation and Oriola-KD HealthCare. Adept at assessing needs, generating options, and implementing solutions he brings his knowledge to the LifeTip Team. Miguel is an avid health fanatic and keen help others understand the all-round benefits of LifeTip

Gianni Alessandroni

IT Development Director

I’m a business executive with experience in administrative and financial management, business planning and personnel management. Experience in design and management of 24/7 systems for emergency care, radio broadcasting control, data acquisition systems with Anoto digital pens and multichannel audio recorders, military and industrial software control systems. Within the LifeTip team I'm directing the device and software design and I my best as team motivator :)

Giacomo Carozza

Project Manager

Being passionate about hi-tech and startup, innovation and management I found myself involved in many different projects and communities. I'm now an MSc Business Administration student with past experiences in startup, coworking, project and event management. I have been Student Ambassador for Google, English teacher in China and I am now the Project Manager for LifeTip being accountable for the general supervisory of the whole processes and the team.

Emanuele Bonanni

Hardware and microcontrollers Engineer

Project Manager and Founder of Your Electronics Open Source and Elettronica Open Source. Electronics designer, microcontrollers freak and pcb maker. Experience in avionics, military, industrial and consumer sectors. My role in the Lifetip project is CTO